Killed Mother and daughters and then cooked in a pan

The accused had crossed the limits of cruelty. The accused Rajesh had murdered a woman and her 2 innocent daughters and had broken their heads and boiled them in a pan and fed it to the dog. Rajesh, the main accused in the triple murder case in police interrogation, disclosed this on Monday. Police launched a combing operation in the area on Monday after the head of the deceased was not found for two days. After a two-hour struggle, the head of the woman and the little girl was found in the bushes, with only a skeleton. The DNA test will now be conducted.

Police recovered a blood-stained mattress and a pan from Rajesh’s plot in which he had boiled with the body of the girl. The accused, Rajesh Kabari, was arrested by the police on June 28. About 150 employees launched a combing operation on Monday at the direction of the Superintendent of Police to recover the bodies on Rajesh’s trail. Searched in the surrounding areas, farms, bushes of Johar. During the nearly two-hour operation, the police recovered the head, which had teeth with a skull. The forensic team was called on the spot and evidence was gathered. In the presence of DSP, all the pieces were put in the compartments.

Police recovered a blood-stained mattress and a pan from the plot of the accused Rajesh. Rajesh said the woman was sleeping on it and cut her throat. When the older girl tried to escape, she was also caught and the accused separated her head from her torso. The little girl was put on the floor and cut off her neck. The cutter machine-made small pieces of carcass and boiled it in the patel. Later, his companion Makhan washed the pan.

Published by Complaint against Fraud

Mera name ........ha main un help less logon k liye ye rasta banana chahta hun jo log un logon k hath main fas gye hain kisi bhi trah k froud main proper action Liya jayega

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